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Auto-generate Listings
For your Sales

Save time writing listings and looking for pictures by auto-generating them with our generative AI solution

Generate Pictures

Simply type what you want to see and our system will automatically generate pictures of it using generative AI

Generate Product Descriptions

Generate Product Descriptions, listings, and more, in the tone and style you want just by typing in “generate [what you want]”

Quote Generation System

Have something that needs to be shipped? Our quote generation system will take in the price tiers you set for different distances and allow the buyer to simply enter their location and get a quote

Post generator

Generate listings with ease, including quote links

Quote Generator

Add the quote generator link to your listing so your customer can get a quote quickly without you having to do anything

Coming soon: Sales Bot

We are currently working on building a custom GPT-3 powered Sales Chatbot that will also handle objections, freeing up precious time to serve more customers

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